How we're different

  • We've got the cred. We are certified leadership coaches, not untrained mentors.

  • We make leadership development approachable. We leave formal and intimidating for someone else.

  • We specialize in coaching the creative and innovative. We understand the design, media, entertainment, marketing, and tech industries.

  • We think leaders exist at every level. Your title is unimportant to us. We just want to help you succeed.

  • We keep it real. We bring our real selves. We joke, talk about pop culture, and aren't afraid to be vulnerable with clients.

  • We don’t promise to make you rich or famous. We’re here to help you make a positive impact.

  • We’re not about magic bullets. Our research-based methods promote growth and change–but it’s up to you to do the work.

  • We're about results. We help you translate conversations to tangible action.

Our mission

Our mission is to help folks harness sky-high leadership potential to create more dynamic, human workplaces. We specialize in supporting leaders and teams within creative, marketing, and tech fields.

We nerd out on helping you improve communication, relationships, emotional intelligence, mindset, influence, collaboration, team culture, change management, creativity, and innovation.

  • Realness
  • Growth
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Daring
  • Play

What we believe

Typical corporate coaching and training? Yeah, that’s not for us —and probably not for you either.

We believe leadership coaching shouldn’t feel formal or artificial. It can be approachable, and even fun!

We believe anyone can learn to lead and collaborate better. And that leading doesn't mean having a fancy title.

In our view, a leader is anyone who positively influences others to accomplish worthy shared goals.

The only prerequisites to improving include having the genuine desire, openness, and courage to grow and change.

And we believe we’re the best people to help foster that growth in your and your team.

Meet the team

Nice to meet you— I’m GLENN. I’m a jazz pianist and former marketer turned leadership coach, and the founder here at Skybound.


I’m a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). If you’re into leadership, sci-fi/fantasy, breakfast tacos, or the occasional dad joke, we’ll get along just fine.

Glenn Taylor, MS, PCC

President and Founder
Meet Glenn Taylor, Leadership Coach and President of Skybound Coaching and Training
  • I combine over 10 years of business experience in marketing/communications with 10 years in coaching, a Master’s Degree in Organization Development and Leadership, and training in improv comedy. Prior to coaching, I served as the Chief Marketing Officer for the Houston Symphony.
  • I was trained as a coach through the Co-Active Training Institute, and am a Past-President of the ICF Houston Chapter. I also teach coaching skills and mentor coaches-in-training. For more about Glenn, watch this video.

Leadership coaches on the team

We are a rockstar team of certified and credentialed coaches, with backgrounds in various creative and innovative fields.

Coaches for Marketing Leaders

We coach leaders within marketing, communications, branding, research, digital marketing, social media, PR, media relations, internal and external communications, marketing analytics, and creative services.

Coaches for Technology Leaders

We coach leaders in both established and startup tech environments within product development, product management, coding, data science, information security, machine learning, and engineering.

Coaches for Design Leaders

We coach leaders within graphic design, art direction, branding, web design, UX design, UI design, photography, video, multimedia, animation, fashion design, interior design, and architecture.

Coaches for Media and Entertainment Leaders

We coach leaders within the performing and visual arts, nonprofit arts, museum management, film and video production, photography, streaming content, video game development, and virtual reality.

Coaches for Healthcare Leaders

We coach leaders within nursing, physician services, surgery, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, alternative medicines, medical device development, pharmacology, dentistry, and veterinary services.

Coaches for Software Development Leaders

We coach leaders within software engineering, coding, application development, system engineering, information security, web development, virtual reality, and video game development.

Our credentials and certifications

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