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“I Need To Be A Better Leader”

“I Need To Be A Better Leader”

Leaders are made, not born. And everyone can be a leader, regardless of position or title. Take a leadership stance by learning how to influence others, communicate persuasively, tap into confidence, and build relationships.

“I Need to Change or Advance My Career”

 “I Need to Change or Advance My Career”

It can be a challenge to find the “right fit” job, make a career change, or earn that much-desired promotion. Take stock of your unique strengths and qualities, and learn how to position your authentic personal brand in order to stand-out in the crowd.

“I Need to Strengthen My Business or Team"

“I Need to Strengthen My Business or Team"

When businesses or teams become fragmented, entrenched or stuck, productivity, innovation and success suffer. Bring your organization to the next level by creating an aligned, empowered, motivated and cohesive team.

About Us

Hi, I’m Glenn Taylor, and I'm the Founder of Skybound Coaching & Training, focused on propelling leaders and organizations to higher levels of performance through coaching, training and facilitation services. I'll help you elevate your leadership, get that dream job or promotion, change your career, or strengthen your team or business.

Leadership coach, Career coach, Team building, Consultant, Facilitator

Why I’m Different:

  • I don’t promise to make you rich or famous. I help you tap into your full potential and go to the next level of performance.
  • I don’t preach magic bullets. I teach proven methods that take hard work and bold risk-taking.
  • I draw on over 10 years of organizational experience, having advanced to the c-suite in only five years.
  • I’m a marketer, specializing in communications and branding.
  • I’m a leadership expert, degreed at the masters level.
  • I’m a certified and credentialed coach, not a self-proclaimed mentor or coach.
  • I’m a nice guy, plain and simple.


  • Glenn was an integral partner in coaching me towards clarity around my own strengths, values, personal narrative and brand. He held me accountable in order to make the progress on the objectives we set forth. Glenn was insightful and direct and I'd highly recommend him.
    John Bramblett Marketing Executive and Consultant
  • As a coach, Glenn was a trusted partner. He facilitated a process for developing an authentic and strong personal brand with me. I feel very confident about how I'm representing myself now, and how that matches with where I'm headed in my career.
    Chas Wilson Senior Account Executive, CBS Radio
  • Glenn gave an engaging talk as part of our team retreat. He not only brought useful content, but got our team involved through discussion and exercises. He had a confident and authentic style, and related well with the team.
    Colin Hageney President of Bullpen Marketing
  • I was greatly impressed with Glenn and his coaching method. He helped me articulate my core strengths and enabled me to turn my resume into a professional narrative during a job search. He led me through an incredibly successful process. Highly recommended!
    Eric Krantz Public Relations Manager, Honeywell
  • Glenn facilitated a training workshop for LiquidFrameworks. He easily connected with the group, and provided an engaging and interactive mix of material. I've received rave reviews on the content and Glenn's facilitation style. Not only was he able to share new perspectives, the workshop helped bring our teams closer together.
    Emily Rhodes Director of Marketing, LiquidFrameworks
  • If you imagine our organization as a train that was beginning to derail, Glenn’s excellent coaching enabled us to get back on track while strengthening our direction through defining values and goals. I gained greater confidence to pursue these goals while inspiring our team to deeper levels of commitment.
    Kathy Rose Executive Director, CollegeCommunityCareer


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