How Does Your Presence Need Strengthening?

“I Want to Lead with More Realness and Confidence"

“I Want to Lead with More Realness and Confidence

Leaders are made, not born. And everyone can be a leader. But does the typical "corporate leader" not feel true to you? Find your authentic stance, and tap into a confident and even playful way of being.

“I Want to Speak in Ways that Connect and Influence”

 “I Want to Speak in Ways that Connect and Influence”

Have you stepped into a leadership position but struggle with the "people side" of the job? Is it hard to get others to listen or take action? Learn the skills of influence, emotional intelligence, and how to truly connect with others.

“I Want to Take Bolder Action with More Courage"

“I Want to Take Bolder Action with More Courage

Do you ever hold back from doing or saying something important? Do you struggle with presenting or speaking to groups? Get the support and accountability you need to take courageous action for greater impact.

Meet Glenn Taylor, MS, PCC

Hi, I'm Glenn Taylor, President/Founder of Skybound. I help rising leaders and entrepreneurs elevate their presence to make a bigger impact in growing startups, tech companies, nonprofits, and creatively-driven organizations. I also help teams to better collaborate, communicate and navigate change.

Glenn Taylor, Skybound Coaching & ConsultingWhy I’m Different:

I don’t promise to make you rich or famous. I help you make a bigger impact.
I don’t preach magic bullets. I promote proven methods for creating growth and change.
I’m a leadership fanatic, with training at the master’s level.
I understand powerful communications, with expertise in marketing and branding.
I have organizational experience, at the executive level.
I’m a certified coach, not an untrained mentor.
I’m a creative type, with a background in the arts.
I’m approachable and playful, not intimidating or formal.
I keep it real.
 You get the real (and nerdy) me.

What I Believe:
I believe anyone can be a leader, and that leaders don’t fit some stuffy corporate mold. I believe authenticity is key to leadership. I believe in the power of connected communication and playfulness to engage others. I believe it takes courage to grow and change. I believe it’s a myth people simply arrive at success over night. I believe growth is a process. I believe coaching can evoke transformation in others. I believe working with a coach shouldn’t feel formal, gimmicky, or fake.

More About Me:
I combine over 10 years of experience in marketing/communications with 7 years in coaching, a Master’s in Organization Development and Leadership, and a PCC credential with the International Coach Federation (ICF). I’m also a jazz pianist, swing dancer, LEGO fan, superhero geek, and a red cape wearer.  In fact, you may notice a red cape in the logo of Skybound.  I’m inspired by what it symbolizes: playfulness, empowered presence, and service.

Coaching & Consulting Style:
I see my work with clients as a partnership. Clients find me to be approachable, authentic, playful, curious and focused.  I create a comfortable and supportive dynamic for exploring new possibilities and strategies, while also knowing how to translate conversations into tangible action.


  • Skybound was an integral partner in coaching me towards clarity around my own strengths, values, personal narrative and brand. Glenn held me accountable in order to make the progress on the objectives we set forth. He was insightful and direct, and I'd highly recommend him.
    John Bramblett Marketing Executive and Consultant
  • Skybound facilitated a process for developing an authentic and strong personal brand with me. As a coach, Glenn was a trusted partner. I feel very confident about how I'm representing myself now, and how that matches with where I'm headed in my career.
    Chas Wilson Senior Account Executive, CBS Radio
  • Glenn facilitated an engaging training as part of our team retreat. He not only brought useful content, but got our team involved through discussion and exercises. He had a confident and authentic style, and related well with the team.
    Colin Hageney President of Bullpen Marketing
  • I was greatly impressed with Skybound and their coaching method. They helped me articulate my core strengths and enabled me to turn my resume into a professional narrative during a job search. They led me through an incredibly successful process. Highly recommended!
    Eric Krantz Public Relations Manager, Honeywell
  • Glenn facilitated a training workshop for LiquidFrameworks. He easily connected with the group, and provided an engaging and interactive mix of material. I've received rave reviews on the content and Glenn's facilitation style. Not only was he able to share new perspectives, the workshop helped bring our teams closer together.
    Emily Rhodes Director of Marketing, LiquidFrameworks
  • If you imagine our organization as a train that was beginning to derail, Glenn’s excellent coaching enabled us to get back on track while strengthening our direction through defining values and goals. I gained greater confidence to pursue these goals while inspiring our team to deeper levels of commitment.
    Kathy Rose Executive Director, CollegeCommunityCareer


Glenn can be your guest or keynote speaker on a variety of topics, and can cater a speech to the needs of your organization.

  • Authentic leadership
  • Becoming more persuasive and influential
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Communication skills
  • Strengthening your personal brand
  • Leadership presence
  • Career advancement
  • Qualities of a championship team
  • Shaping a positive organizational culture
  • Creating a customer service culture
  • Nonprofit management
  • Nonprofit board best practices
  • Branding and digital marketing
  • Entrepreneurship & business growth


Get in touch to try a free coaching session or to discuss consulting and training services. This introductory conversation will typically last about 45 minutes, and can take place in person, over the phone or via video chat.

The purpose of this conversation is to make an introduction, explore your needs and goals, and talk more details about how we can work together. There’s no risk, and I guarantee you’ll walk away with something valuable.

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Giving Back

The Skybound Initiative is a collection of service projects focused on uplifting others through the power of play, imagination and creativity.

The Skybound InitiativePrograms are geared toward individuals in the midst of illness, challenge or suffering. For more information, or to support these activities, please contact Skybound President/Founder Glenn Taylor.