Houston Leadership Coaching

Skybound helps leaders in America's fourth largest city harness sky-high potential.

Leadership Coaching in Houston

Space City? H-town? Whatever you want to call Houston, Skybound is a leading source for innovative, fun, and results-driven Houston leadership coaching and training.


We nerd out on helping leaders and teams improve communication, emotional intelligence, confidence, relationship-building, influence, collaboration, presentation skills, and innovation.

  • Ok, what the heck is leadership coaching anyway?
    First off, our Houston-based leadership coaching is not the same as mentoring, consulting, therapy, or sports coaching. Leadership coaching is not about telling you what to do but about collaborating with you to help you find your own answers. A coach is a partner, who facilitates a process to guide you towards more clarity about the leader you want to be, some self-awareness around what you want to change or improve, and the ability to take action to actually make it happen.
  • So what does leadership coaching actually look like in practice?
    Glad you asked! In practice, coaching occurs through conversations, either in person, over the phone, or through video conference. As certified leadership coaches, we’ve been trained in skills like active listening, asking powerful questions, making observations, challenging assumptions, providing a framework for taking action, and staying accountable.

For in-person coaching in the Houston metropolitan area, we can come to your office or meet you at a co-working space. We primarily serve the Houston Heights, Washington Heights, Montrose, Upper Kirby, River Oaks, Rice Village, and Medical Center areas of Houston.

Leadership coaching and training can be beneficial to anyone, at any level, at any organization – as long as you have the desire to grow and improve.

Industries of Focus for Houston Leadership Coaching

We specialize in working with leaders and teams in marketing, technology, design, innovation, media and entertainment, software development, tech startups, and healthcare.

What are the Tangible Results of Coaching?

The ultimate purpose of leadership coaching is something very tangible – behavior change. And this could mean learning a new skill, establishing a new habit, or reaching a goal. These improved behaviors translate to increased influence, better relationships, stronger team culture, job promotions, less employee turnover, and higher-level performance.

How Long is a Leadership Coaching Engagement?

Leadership coaching engagements typically span 6, 9, or 12-months. Coaching sessions usually occur every two weeks for 1 hour. Some engagements involve a different pacing of sessions, such as weekly or monthly. Our coaching engagements are guided by a leader development plan, which add some structure and measurement to the coaching process.

What We Offer in Addition to Houston Leadership Coaching

In addition to 1-on-1 leadership coaching, Skybound offers a range of other services for individuals and groups, including team coaching, meeting facilitation, team building, training, and consulting. Here’s a sampling of our other offerings:

  • Public speaking coaching and training
  • Team building games and activities
  • Team challenges, using Legos or Lincoln Logs
  • Interactive and fun workshops on leadership soft skills
  • Virtual or in-person training
  • Personality and communication style assessments
  • Meeting and retreat facilitation
  • Team culture audits and consulting
  • Change management consulting




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