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August 15, 2023

How to Sound More Strategic in the Workplace

Ever heard the phrase, “You could sound more strategic,” and wondered if they were speaking Parseltongue? Yeah, we get it. But worry not, because we’re here to crack the code and give ya some pointers!

Whether you’re the Gandalf of the office or just a Jedi Padawan aiming to shine, understanding how to sound more strategic at work is your ticket to greater influence and impact.

Decode “Strategic” (Without the Enigma Machine)

Imagine your supervisor says, “Sound more strategic, young grasshopper,” and you’re like, “Wait, what the heck does that mean?” Step one: Have a detailed convo with your boss to decipher this riddle. Why? Because “strategic” can be like the Sorting Hat – different strokes for different folks. By getting on the same page about what it really means to look and sound strategic, you’ll be more likely to succeed. 

See the Bigger Picture: Like a Dungeon Master

Strategic communicators aren’t just players; they’re the dungeon master. To sound strategic, immerse yourself in your company’s lore – know its mission, vision, values, and key goals. This knowledge is like your D&D handbook – it’s your guide to mastering the final boss, AKA all those strategic conversations with your real-life boss.

Info Ninja: Keep Your Industry Knowledge Sharp

Strategic peeps aspire to be a walking, talking Wikipedia of their industry. Keep up with trends, updates, and buzzworthy stuff. Read, attend conferences, and have lunch dates with your fellow geeks to get the lay of the land. 

Ask Powerful Questions (Be a Sleuth from Baker Street)

Sherlock, who? Strategic talkers are the legendary investigators of the office – give me the who, what, when, where, and why! Practice asking bigger and broader questions that make others go, “Wow, I never thought of that!” Like Sherlock, you’ll never know when an open-ended question turns gears and triggers light bulbs. 

"Strategic thinking rarely occurs spontaneously.” - Michael Porter


Talk the Talk, Walk the Jedi Path

Sounding strategic doesn’t mean you have to use fancy words. Skip the jargon; speak in human. Present your ideas like you’re narrating the opening text in Star Wars – crystal clear and straight to the point. Take your audience on a journey with you, and when you help them grasp your POV you’re on your way to sounding like the most strategic of Jedi Masters. 

Speak About the Future: Be Like Doc Brown

Strategic communicators don’t time travel; they time-think. They’re the Doc Browns of the office, future-focused like their life depends on it. Speak about long-term goals and sustainable solutions, rather than only communicating about the short-term. 

Avengers Assemble! Build Strategic Relationships

Being and sounding strategic isn’t a solo gig; it’s an ensemble cast. Forge alliances, network across departments, create trust, and build bridges like Thor’s Bifrost. Collaborate with every superhero in the building, and you’ll be able to tap into more strategic-level conversations and considerations. 

Learn from Past Experiences: Your Guide to the Galaxy

Strategic types learn from every chapter, and you’re in the process of creating your own guidebook to the galaxy.  Reflect on wins and losses, and grow wiser with each tale. Be like Yoda – keep learning, adapting, and adding to the cosmic knowledge you can speak to.

The Grand Finale: Be Dumbledore, Not Just Harry

So, to wrap it all up — sounding more strategic in the workplace is about staying informed, asking broader questions, seeing the bigger picture, thinking ahead, communicating clearly, and collaborating proactively with others. Like Dumbledore, you’re not just a wizard, you’re a mic-dropping headmaster who thinks, sees, and speaks at a different level.  

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