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October 08, 2021

Lead by Staying in the Present Moment with Your Team

Being truly present with others (whether physically or virtually) is one of the most powerful ways to have an impact as a leader. Our presence can even speak louder than our words.

Can you call to mind the last time someone was really present with you? Sadly, some of us might not be able to think of a recent example, as it’s becoming a rarer occurrence. These days, there are so many things that pull us out of the present-moment, like smartphones, social media, non-stop news, anxiety, and the chatter inside our own heads. Plus, the responsibility and pressure of a leadership role can add to the challenge.

What does look like to be fully present with someone?

  • Keeping our attention on the now: not the past or future, or stuck in our inner thoughts
  • Being at ease: not stressed or emotionally triggered
  • Focusing fully on the person or people in front of us
  • Being genuinely curious
  • Listening actively on multiple levels
  • Responding authentically in real time
  • Remaining open to whatever will emerge in the moment
  • Being confident that you have what you need to handle whatever emerges


When we experience someone being really present with us, what’s the impact? We feel truly seen, heard, and appreciated. We form stronger rapport and trust with that person. We are more interested in collaborating with them.

As leaders who want to positively impact and influence others, cultivating this type of presence is a superpower we can’t ignore. And it’s a skill that can be learned, although it does take ongoing practice.

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