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These interactive webinars and virtual training sessions introduce you to leadership best-practices in a fun and creative way.

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Free Webinar: Level Up Your Managers to Leaders

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If your company is growing, you've probably promoted staff from within, elevating star performers to higher-level roles. And these are the players you're now depending on to slay the dragon and get the high lead others in achieving business goals. But the skills needed to be a great leader are different than those of […]

Free Webinar: Lead Creative Teams Like a Rockstar

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Whether you lead a team of designers, marketers, content creators, or developers, you know how important it is right now to cultivate and retain top talent. So what leadership traits and approaches do creative types appreciate the most? In this free webinar, you'll learn: -What makes creative employees unique -Tips for keeping your creatives happy […]

Free Webinar: Become an Emotional Intelligence Wizard

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"Emotional Intelligence" (EI) refers to the critical soft skills that make us most effective as leaders. These skills, intangible yet powerful (sorta like magic!) can account for 50% or more of our professional success. In this emotional intelligence webinar, you'll learn: -What Emotional Intelligence means-The most important EI skills for leaders-A few ways you can […]

Free Webinar: Add Coaching to Your Leadership Superpowers

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Today's best leaders harness coaching skills to empower employees to learn, grow, innovate, and create what's next. Coaching is different than telling, advising, or solving -- it involves a set of powerful communication skills designed to draw-out the potential already inside your team. Do you know how to coach instead of tell? In this free […]