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#24. Using Creativity and Play at Work with Kim McGaw

Skybound Leadership Podcast

#24. Using Creativity and Play at Work with Kim McGaw

I talk with Kim McGaw, a leadership coach and consultant with a background in improvisational comedy training at Chicago’s Second City. We discuss how leaders and teams can incorporate creativity and play into their culture, interactions, and approach to problem solving.

Kim is Managing Director of Uniquely Human, a consultancy that provides relevant, learner-centered development of uniquely human capabilities. Kim has a Mary Poppins-like knack for getting people to do things outside their comfort zones that help achieve the desired business results, and have fun along the way. She is a highly skilled speaker, facilitator, and executive coach with effective outside-the-box methods that generate impact.

Kim has a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies and Art History from Northwestern University, and a masters in coaching and positive psychology from University College Cork in Ireland. She previously served as Director of Professional Development at Rice University’s Glasscock School of Continuing Studies where she also taught a course entitled “Thinking on Your Feet”.

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