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#27. Improv Comedy Lessons for Leaders with Juliana Ashley

Skybound Leadership Podcast

#27. Improv Comedy Lessons for Leaders with Juliana Ashley

I talk with Juliana Ashley, a leadership coach with a background as an improv performer, for an exploration of improv comedy lessons for leaders. We’ll discuss the ‘rules’ of improv and how leaders can use them to strengthen their presence, communication, and influence.

Juliana is a certified leadership and executive coach, speaker, and trainer. She brings over 20 years of experience in law, the corporate world, television reporting, and improv comedy to her work as a coach and trainer.

Juliana believes that creativity is an important part of finding fulfillment and making connections. In her early years as a comedy improvisation performer and television reporter for the Houston Astros, Juliana learned life-changing tools and techniques for cultivating authenticity, building relationships and living a meaningful life.

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