Any of these challenges sound familiar?

We help leaders and teams in creative, marketing, and tech fields address some of their biggest pain points in order to harness greater potential.

"I wish I was better at influencing and engaging others."

"Our team feels disconnected."

"I want to feel more confident when giving presentations."

"We need to be more innovative to solve these problems."

"If only I was more comfortable giving that tough feedback."

"Our leaders need to build more trust and rapport."

"Conflict between team members just isn’t getting resolved!"

"I wish work felt more enjoyable, even fun!"

Myths that need busting!

Don’t let these popular myths stand in the way of growth.

Myth #1

“Professional development? Too formal and boring.”


Great, that version of coaching and training isn’t for us either. Learning to lead and collaborate should be engaging, approachable, and dynamic. We cater our programs to be interactive, fun, and bring out your very best.

Myth #2

There’s no point in trying to learn soft skills. People are either born with them or not.


Being a good leader, communicator, and team member isn’t something decided at birth. Everyone can learn soft skills, but a lot of people just need some help getting there. That’s where we come in. 

Myth #3

Coaching and training doesn’t really get results.”


Even though improvement in leadership and soft skills might seem less tangible than the numbers on your bank statement, the results are palpable and tangible. But don’t take our word for it—see testimonials from our clients.

  • How we support you

  • We’re certified leadership coaches, and specialize in serving leaders and teams within creative, marketing, and tech fields.

We help you and your team excel, and have fun while doing it, through a mix of executive coaching, team building, interactive leadership training workshops, and engaging online content.

Hi, I’m GLENN, President of Skybound. We help folks lead and collaborate better. Professional development should be fun and engaging, and aimed at making workplaces more human.

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What the FAQ?

  • What’s the difference between coaching and training?

    Coaching takes place in a 1-on-1 or small group setting across multiple sessions and months. Training happens in larger groups and is typically a one-off workshop or a limited series. Coaching supports people to devise their own strategies to achieve their goals, while training provides participants with an overview of best-practices related to certain skills.

  • Is coaching the same as mentoring, consulting, or counseling?

    Leadership coaching is not the same as mentoring, consulting, or therapy. A coach is a partner, who guides you to find your own answers and tap into your own abilities to grow. Mentoring and consulting generally involve giving advice and recommendations, while counseling is about processing mental-health related topics and experiences.

  • Why should I get a coach for myself or my employees?

    Having a coach can provide guidance and support in personal and professional growth. For individuals, a coach helps uncover strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots, leading to increased self-awareness and improved decision-making. For employees, coaching enhances leadership skills, boosts motivation, and fosters a positive work culture, resulting in higher productivity and employee satisfaction.

  • What type of person is ideal for coaching?

    Coaching is beneficial for individuals who are interested in growing and open to change. Ideal candidates are self-reflective, willing to explore their beliefs and behaviors, and committed to taking action to improve. They have a growth mindset and are receptive to feedback, allowing them to use coaching to unlock their potential and achieve goals.

  • What are the results of coaching and training?

    Individuals and teams experience enhanced self-confidence, improved communication and interpersonal skills, increased resilience, and better decision-making capabilities. Coaching and training can also lead to improved work-life balance, increased job satisfaction, and a greater sense of fulfillment, ultimately resulting in higher levels of success and overall well-being. Check out our Google reviews to hear about our impact!

  • Can coaching or training occur virtually?

    Absolutely! A.K.A. - We’re sweatpant friendly. In addition to virtual coaching, we specialize in facilitating virtual group training that's interactive and engaging. We use the Butter virtual conferencing platform, which is designed for fun and engaging virtual sessions. Check it out at

  • How long does leadership coaching typically last?

    It depends! Leadership coaching can last from several months to a year or longer, depending on the complexity of the objectives and the progress made. The most common length of a coaching engagement is from 4-6 months and involves bi-weekly sessions.

  • How is Skybound different from other leadership development companies?

    We believe coaching and training should be approachable, relatable, and engaging. We prioritize creating a positive and playful atmosphere where our clients enjoy their journey towards growth and development. By fostering a sense of fun, we ensure that the tools and strategies covered have a better chance of sticking, making your progress more sustainable. Finally, we specialize in working with clients in marketing, creative, and tech fields.