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How to Build Confidence

Have you ever thought to yourself, I wish I could just flip a switch and be more confident? I mean, Thanos could snap his fingers and do all kinds of crazy $@#&, so why not me?

Ok, maybe it’s not that easy, yet it IS possible. But how to build confidence as a leader?
In this video we’ll look at a handful of strategies to help you boost your confidence.

First off, reality check – you’re not alone in feeling less confident at times, even if everyone around you seems to be struttin’ it like Sasha Fierce.

Confidence-building is one of the most popular topics in leadership coaching. It applies to a lot of situations, like when you’re giving a presentation, leading a meeting, or trying something new.

And when you feel doubtful in these situations, it can create stress, anxiety, and prevent you from performing at your best. So what can you do to boost your confidence?

Well, building your confidence isn’t about quick fix strategies or magic bullets. There are some tangible things you can do, like practice and repetition of things that make you uncomfortable. But deeper confidence building comes from shifting your internal mindsets over time. That’s because mindsets have a big impact on how we feel and act.

This video will give you a handful of mindset adjustments for how to build confidence.

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