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Leading Through Creativity and Play

In this video, I’ll explore the idea of leading through creativity and play.  As a leader, your actions can have a big impact on your organization or community. But that doesn’t mean you have to be all serious or formal. In fact, playful leaders are some of the most impactful.

So what do I mean by “playful”? I’m not talking about a leader who takes their team to the latest team building fad. I’m talking about an ongoing playful style of leadership — Being more light, approachable and communicating with humor. You can also be more creative and playful when exploring new ideas, solving problems, and even interacting with your team.

Think about the speakers or facilitators who left a lasting impression on you. I bet they weren’t dry, formal, and jargony. Instead, they probably taught you something new in a fun, interactive, and even humorous way.

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